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Created by Matt Colville & MCDM Productions

Kingdoms & Warfare is a 5th Edition supplement for managing kingdoms, playing organizations, and waging war. This preorder store includes all the non-exclusive products we successfully funded during our Kickstarter; fulfillment of preorders will happen at the same time we ship out Backer rewards.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

The Pledge Manager is Live!
about 1 month ago – Thu, Jan 16, 2020 at 02:31:47 AM

Ok, folks after many days work on the part of Anna and Lars and Jason, the Pledge Manager is live! Your invite link has been sent to the email tied to your Kickstarter account; make sure to check your spam/junk folders if you don't see it in your inbox.

This is the site you use to:

  • Give us your shipping info if you're getting physical rewards
  • Give us your shirt size and color choices, if your pledge includes a shirt
  • Pay for shipping if you're getting physical rewards (since this wasn't included in the original pledge pricing)
  • Update your shipping address in case you move before the rewards are sent out
  • Customize your pledge by selecting Add-Ons or switching your pledge

When you backed, you selected a pledge level that comes with certain rewards, but you can edit that pledge now, remove stuff, add stuff. Some people backed for $1 with no reward just so they could use the pledge manager to select all their rewards a la carte.

This was a lot of work, because there are many different moving parts. Like, we don’t just add a shirt (which itself takes design and iteration until we love the result) a single shirt is really five different shirts, one for each size. Except it’s also 10 different shirts, five sizes in red, five in black.

And it gets way more complex than that, we have another 30 different add-ons! Each add-on has weight and a size and each affects shipping, and we have to do a bunch of research to figure out “how much do we think this mini is going to weigh? How many parts will it be? How big will the box be?”

Then we ship to dozens of different countries all over the world, and that means building complex shipping tables, each item has a weight, which translates into a cost, and that cost changes depending on where you live.

The folks we partner with for shipping have tables we can use for all this stuff, but their software doesn’t interface with our pledge manager, so we have to enter all that information for every country by hand. This all took a while.

But now it’s all done and the pledge manager is live! It should be pretty straightforward, but in case you want to change your pledge, remove stuff, add stuff, Anna made a short video to walk you through the process.

In case you need text instructions, here's how you switch your pledge:

A: When you click on your invite link, there's a link right below the green "Get Started" button you can use to switch your pledge.

B: After this page, the top of the pledge manager will have a section that shows you your original pledge and your current pledge. Click on the hyperlinked current pledge then on the top-right of the pop-up window click on "Switch Pledge" and you'll be able to switch it there, too.

If you hit a snag using the pledge manager, have a general question, or haven't gotten your email invite by January 20th, feel free to shoot us a message: The pledge manager's going to be around (likely until the end of 2020) so there's lots of time to get things sorted out.

Once things settle down for Backers, we'll be using the pledge manager to start taking preorders from non-Backers for the non-exclusive products. Once that site's up, we'll post about it! :)

WOO!!! 19,000+ Backers!!!
3 months ago – Fri, Nov 22, 2019 at 02:25:48 AM

I know, look, people like to focus on the $$$ that's natural, we see that number and it blows our minds. Matt Colville head of MCDM thinks about the $$$. Matt Colville writer and designer, focuses on the people--you--who are now all waiting for something amazing, and my deep, deep desire not to let you all down.

Last time, it was several months before we had a draft of the rules I felt confident enough in to put in front of testers, I think that's going to be true here too, so it'll be a few months before you start seeing design stuff. But something we didn't do last time, that I intend on doing this time, is using Backer Only Updates to send out beta testing documents, so keep watching this page. Last time, you had to pledge at a certain level to get into the playtest. We do things differently now, so we cab be more free to share early design stuff and get your feedback.

I don't like spamming folks with updates for updates sake, I think it's annoying as a backer and it distracts from the real work, so you're only going to hear from me when I think there's something important enough to talk about. If you're interested in the day-to-day operation of MCDM, you might stop by the livestreams I do? I mean we talk about all kinds of nonsense, much that has nothing to do with anything, but it's a good way to hear about little details that don't warrant an update.

We also have a discord with a great community that you can use to ask questions and usually get a response pretty quick. There's a channel just for K&W stuff! Although there won't be anything major to talk about for a while.

In the meantime, we'll continue sharing the art side of the project. This is a model of Khorak, Jarl of Drengrheim. Modeled by Alfonso Prieto. It's not final-final, Jason always tweaks stuff right up to the last moment, but it looks pretty cool!!

This is cool because when I share the final version, we can talk about what little changes Jason made.

The Pledge Manager will launch in some number of weeks (2 or 3?), I don't know exactly, it takes time for Kickstarter to munge the backer data and then export it into backerkit, but you'll get an email when it happens.

Thank you all for your interest in this product and your support. Some of you are new to MCDM's products, some of you have been with us from the beginning, but we intend to deliver a product that makes you happy; that's fun to read and fun to use and makes your campaign better. Makes it feel like a world, with factions competing for power and influence. Take your cool ideas, your duchies and knights and secret societies, and gives them rules. 

Expect to see a Running the Game video on Downtime soon to sort of get people into the "how do I use Kingdoms and Warfare" mindset. :D

That's it folks! See you all next update!! WOO!

Finally...the Ruby Wyrmling!
3 months ago – Wed, Nov 20, 2019 at 12:59:06 AM

So, when we unlocked the Colvillain pledge level, I felt strongly that folks pledging that kind of money should get a little something-something apart from just the 15% discount.

At the same time a ton of people have asked, and keep asking, if they can get the Gemstone Dragons from the first kickstarter . But those sculpts were exclusive to that  KS. No reason we couldn't do different sculpts or the same dragons at different ages though!

Lars pointed out the most popular mini from the first KS was the Topaz Wyrmling (presumably because he's cheap and adorable) and so Jason figured, hell that's no problem!

Presenting; the Ruby Wyrmling!

She's so CUTE!!! Let's check out the turnaround.

I think Jason killed it with this sculpt.

This little critter, who you can find stats for in Strongholds & Followers, will be $12, you get her free if you pledge at the Colvillian level, or you can add her to your pledge in the Pledge Manager when it launches a couple of weeks after the Kickstarter closes. And you'll be able to buy her like a normal product in our regular store once everything ships in 2021!

And I predict we'll get some fiction in Kingdoms & Warfare where you'll get to meet this little beastie.

Update #4: Relg
3 months ago – Wed, Nov 13, 2019 at 06:11:36 PM

Thanks to thousands of people believing in and supporting the product, we just hit a million dollars raised, which means we've unlocked RELG!

Art thanks to Mike Franchina and Jason Hasenauer. This mini is SUPER expensive but about the same price as minis of similar scale and form. He's basically a giant chunk of solid resin. If you do the math, the discount on the Colvillian level is basically the cost of Relg, so it's like you're getting a free Relg! Everyone loves Relg, that's why they call him 'Relg!'

He'll be statted out in K&W using the Action Oriented design we talked about in the last Running the Game episode. And sometime...probably next year, he will make an appearance in the Chain of Acheron campaign. :D 

We're working hard on more sculpts for the minis we've already unlocked and maybe something small and fun we can throw in before the campaign ends. But even after the campaign is done, you'll see sculpts and prototypes for everything as we go.

Lots to do!

It's hard to express how excited I am about all this, I really feel like, with this kind of support, MCDM can do anything. know, not all at once. :D

Thanks for your support. We are working hard not to let you down.

New T-Shirt Pledge Levels! The Colvillian is Unlocked!
3 months ago – Wed, Nov 13, 2019 at 11:02:10 AM

Hey folks! Welcome to the second MCDM Kickstarter! Things are going AMAZINGLY well thanks to your support. The hugely positive response to the Kickstarter just means we’re all just working REALLY hard right now. More backers means more pressure to make sure you’re all happy with the final product.

The outpouring of support and interest in the book and the minis is unbelievable and everyone here suddenly feels very strongly that what we’re doing is what folks want.

Book + T-shirt Pledge Levels

The question we get the MOST is; hey why isn’t there a pledge level for “book and shirt?” I felt like fewer pledge levels was better, it’s less confusing, it’s easier to figure out which one you want. And I thought “Well, they can just add the shirt in the pledge manager.”

But we have a LOT of backers who’ve never backed a Kickstarter before and they aren’t familiar with the relationship between Kickstarter and a Pledge Manager because it is, indeed, obscure.

So since it’s our #1 request, we’re adding two more pledge levels for this; the Book + Shirt level and the Kickstarter Exclusive Book + Shirt level.

You can always just add the shirt to your pledge later in the pledge manager, but if you already know this is what you want, it may make your life a little easier.

And we have another new pledge level!

The Colvillian

So here’s the deal. Each of these Kickstarters we have a level called “The Colvillian” (I don’t remember where this name came from, the community came up with it) which is the “I want it all” level.

It includes the limited edition book, signed, the PDF, the T-shirt, and all the minis. But since it’s “all the minis” we usually wait until we’ve unlocked all the stretch goals before we make the Colvillian pledge level available.

Last time, with only 5 minis, the Colvillian was $500. This time we have the Ancient Onyx Dragon, and if we unlock the 19 other minis, the Colvillian will be $1,000 and that includes a 15% discount on everything. In other words, if we unlocked all the minis, and you added them all individually in the pledge manager, it would be more than $1,000, but if you back at the Colvillian level you get a 15% discount.

And even though we haven’t unlocked all the minis, a bunch of people who backed the first kickstarter are asking “Can we just back the Colvillian now?”

Well, that seemed weird at first? Because we had no idea if we would unlock everything? But now it seems pretty clear to us that we will eventually unlock all the stretch goals. So we feel less weird about saying “Ok, sure!”

So that’s the deal. We’re unlocking the Colvillian pledge level now, anyone who wants to can pledge $1,000 and at that level you’ll get everything we unlock. Which, if we unlock everything, includes;

  • The Kickstarter Exclusive Signed Hardcover
  • The Kickstarter Exclusive T-Shirt
  • The Kickstarter Exclusive Ancient Onyx Dragon
  • The GM’s Screen
  • The Warfare Unit Deck
  • A Sticker! :D
  • All 18 stretch goal minis (6 Demons from the Court of the Deep, 6 Devils from the Court of Seven Cities, 6 Undead from the Court of Decay)
  • And one more BIG mini yet to be revealed.

Which, at a 15% off, is $1,000. Yeah, it’s a ton of money. It seems crazy, but there are folks who just want all the stuff! If you’re on the fence, absolutely wait to see what gets unlocked. And this bundle will be available in the Pledge Manager. In other words, if you back before the Kickstarter ends, at any level, you will be able to upgrade to the Colvillian level and get the discount in the pledge manager.

Speaking of the pledge manager...

How Will The Pledge Manager Work?

A lot of folks have questions, we have a F.A.Q. which you can find here, and a lot of folks are curious how the pledge manager is going to work, you can read about it all here.

STL Files

Folks ask if we’re going to sell the .stl files for the minis so people can print them at home using their 3D printers. We talked about this and decided; this is not part of our business. There are other folks online, on Kickstarter, whose entire business model is making cool mini sculpts and selling the .stl files. Go check them out.

I think that’s it folks! There’s a lot going on behind the scenes here this week that we can’t talk about yet, but keep watching the Unlock Map! :D